THE CHALLENGE: plugging the productivity holes caused by ICT downtime.

For Nando’s, ICT downtime equates to a loss of business and negative customer experiences. The fast-food sector is high-demand, and Nando’s needed stable failover solutions to match.

THE SOLUTION: stable failover connections via our Cradlepoint systems.

Infoprotect’s Cradlepoint solution helped ensure secure failover capability for all restaurant communications. This provided a robust centrally managed and monitored platform which allowed Nando’s to predictably plan for future projects where stable network connectivity would be vital.

THE RESULT: a stable and reliable network that supports the business.

The Cradlepoint solution that was implemented finally allowed Nando’s branches to focus on serving customers while the technology took care of the rest. This enabled a more fluid and fast approach to service, increasing productivity and inevitably boosting the business’ profitability and growth.

“Nando’s is 33 years young, and facing the same challenges as all business in the local market, stability is the key to offering customers a better experience, and this requires an integration of technology.”

– Stephen Brookstein
Technology Manager

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